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Garuda International
Green shopping oasis of fair trade gifts, vegan foods and organic products.


Vegan Dairy-Free Substitutes
Find delicious non-dairy cream and milk substitutes and instant powdered Rice and Soy milk great for coffee or tea just the way you like it, anytime, anywhere. Use Temptation Vegan Home Ice Cream Mix to make the yummiest non-dairy vegan ice cream. For baking, cooking and drinks, we offer some of the best tasting dairy free vegan milk and cream alternatives available.

Vegan Non-Dairy Cheese

Vegan Temptation Home Ice Cream Mix

Healthy Top Vegan Whipping Cream
Healthy Top Vegan Whipping Cream.jpg (166073 bytes) Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free and cholesterol-free, Healthy Top frees you to make delicious vegan whipped cream for all your favorite desserts -- four amazing cups of whipped cream, in fact. Made from a blend of organic virgin coconut oil, almonds, cashews, sweet almond oil and natural cane sugar, Healthy Top vegan whipping cream requires no refrigeration until ready to use, which makes it very handy to keep in your vegan pantry. With no GMO’s, hydrogenated oils, trans fats or other unhealthy ingredients, Healthy Top vegan whipping cream will become an easy favorite in your kitchen.
Ingredients 16 oz.


MimicCreme 16 oz.jpeg.jpg (126248 bytes) MimicCreme is an all natural, non-dairy, non-soy product you can use instead of cream in practically any recipe. Made from almonds and cashews, which are naturally high in vitamins and minerals, MimicCreme is a healthier way to make sauces, soups, baked goods and confections. It's also great in coffee, tea or hot chocolate. With no saturated or trans fats, this gluten-free cream alternative is just what you've been looking for. Unleash those creative impulses and whip up a flavor storm.
Ingredients 16 oz.


BetterThanMilkSoyBev.jpg (56979 bytes) Better Than Milk Soy Beverage Mix
A convenient way to make your own vegan soy beverage to your preferred consistency and taste. Since you only make what you need, it's always fresh. The powder requires no refrigeration, making it handy for travel. Low fat, non GMO cholesterol free and gluten free, it's great for baking, cooking and drinking. One can makes approximately eight quarts, so it's more economical too.
Ingredients 25.9 oz.


BetterThanMilkRiceBev.jpg (56277 bytes) Better Than Milk Vanilla Rice Beverage Mix
Vanilla rice milk is delicious with drinks, cereal and for baking. Make up to eight quarts of rice milk, just the way you like it. Try it thicker for use as a creamer or your own frozen desserts. Gluten free, kosher, non GMO rice milk is a convenient alternative to soy and you can make just what you need. A great mix to take on the road, with no waste and no refrigeration needed.
Ingredients 21.4 oz.


Hemp Milk.jpg (30536 bytes) Living Harvest Hemp Milk
Unsweetened hemp milk contains naturally balanced Omega 3 and 6, for a healthy non-dairy alternative that is creamy and delicious. Containing no known allergens, low sodium and free of cholesterol, hemp milk is a excellent choice for cereal, tea or coffee, smoothies, baking and any place you would use milk. Unsweetened so you have more options for use, and you can sweeten and flavor according to your taste. 
32 oz.


Pacific Organic Soy Milk.jpg (36644 bytes) Pacific Foods Organic Soy Milk
Ideal for smoothies, in coffee, cereal, soups, sauces or your own soy ice cream, kosher unsweetened organic soy milk contains only the finest organic whole soy beans and filtered water for a clean, bean-free taste. Organic soy milk is a wonderful source of protein as well as low sodium, lactose, cholesterol and gluten-free.
32 oz.


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